Section / Rule Number   Content
        Act / Rule Name
Chapter 1 Preliminary
Chapter 2 Incorporation of company and matters incidental thereto
Chapter 3 Prospectus and allotment of securities
Chapter 4 Share capital and debentures
Chapter 5 Acceptance of deposits by companies
Chapter 6 Registration of charges
Chapter 7 Management and administration
Chapter 8 Declaration and payment of dividend
Chapter 9 Account of companies
Chapter 10 Audit and auditors
Chapter 11 Appointment and qualifications of directors
Chapter 12 Meetings of board and its powers
Chapter 13 Appointment and remuneration of managerial personnel
Chapter 14 Inspection, inquiry and investigation
Chapter 15 Compromises, arrangements and amalgamations
Chapter 16 Prevention of oppression and mismanagement
Chapter 17 Registered valuers
Chapter 18 Removal of names of companies from the register of companies
Chapter 19 Revival and rehabilitation of sick companies
Chapter 20 Winding up
Chapter 21 Part 1 - Companies authorised to register under this act
Chapter 21 Part 2 - Winding up of unregistered companies
Chapter 22 Companies incorporated outside india
Chapter 23 Government companies
Chapter 24 Registration offices and fees
Chapter 25 Companies to furnish information or statistics
Chapter 26 Nidhis
Chapter 27 National company law tribunal and appellate tribunal
Chapter 28 Special courts
Chapter 29 Miscellaneous