Section / Rule Number   Content
        Act / Rule Name
Chapter I Preliminary
Chapter II Officers of Customs
Chapter III Appointment of Customs Ports, Airports, Warehousing Stations etc
Chapter IV Prohibitions on importation and exportation of goods
Chapter IVA Detection of illegally imported goods and prevention of the disposal thereof
Chapter IVB Prevention or Detection of Illegal Export of Goods
Chapter IV C Power to exempt from the provisions of Chapters IVA and IVB
Chapter V Levy of, and Exemption from, Customs Duties
Chapter V A Indicating amount of duty in the price of goods, etc., for purpose of refund
Chapter V B Advance Rulings
Chapter VI Provisions relating to conveyances carrying imported or exported goods
Chapter VII Clearance of imported goods and export goods
Chapter VIII Goods in Transit
Chapter IX Warehousing
Chapter X Drawback
Chapter X A Special Provisions relating to Special Economic Zone
Chapter XI Special provisions regarding baggage, goods imported or exported by post, and stores
Chapter XII Provisions relating to coastal goods and vessels carrying coastal goods
Chapter XIII Searches, seizure and arrest
Chapter XIV Confiscation of goods and conveyances and imposition of penalties
Chapter XIV A Settlement of cases
Chapter XV Appeals and Revision
Chapter XVI Offences and Prosecutions
Chapter XVII Miscellaneous